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Arnol Osnan Marquz Mejía

Home: Candelaria, Dulce Nombre
Birthday: April 7, 1991
Siblings: 1 older and 5 younger
Education: Finished grade 6 in 2005

Arnol is the second oldest member of this year's group and was the final member selected. In fact, he was selected as a result of various interviews completed after the project had already started -- a process that was triggered by the departure of Milton (Milton had been the youngest member selected and simply could not handle being away from his family). Fredy and Phil had gone to his house to interview a younger brother, but found that his brother was only 13 and therefore inelligible. His father fairly quickly mentioned that they had two older boys and one of them fit the profile we were seeking...

We returned several days later to interview Arnol and were impressed with his maturity and simple straightforward answers. His parents were already fully aware of the project from the prior interview for his brother and were ready to commit to a three year participation.

Arnol has been out of school for 2 years, but tells me that the first couple weeks of classes have been easy so far. Unlike the other boys in the program, Arnol informs me that he has seen Lago Yahoa with a school excursion -- the largest lake in Honduras located about 3 hours away. Of course, that took some prompting, because his stock answers are: 'I've spent the last two years working in the corn and the coffee and have never been anywhere farther from home than Santa Rosa de Copan' (1/2 hour from his home).

Arnol is just like most Honduran boys and loves to play soccer. Of course, there was not much time for this before and now in the program, the weekends are the only times available as well.