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MOSES PROJECT: Participants

Christian Jesus Henriquez Mejía

Home: Candelaria
Birthday: July 24, 1992
Siblings: 4 older and 6 younger
Education: Just completed grade 7

This year, Christian biked every morning at 6:30am to go to school in another town since the school in his village only goes to grade 6. Among the fortunate ones, Christian lives in a house made of brick with cement tiles. While they have electricity in their community and subsequently their home, water is still an outside function... meaning that there is no kitchen sink or bathrooms inside.

Christian's oldest sibling works in a factory in San Pedro Sula. Another is working and studying in Lepaera, one is staying with a friend to study in Santa Rosa de Copán and the sibling next to him has been biking to Dulce Nombre each morning to attend junior high school there. Of all the participants in our program, Christian's parents have the most education -- his dad completed grade 6 and his mom completed high school -- factors which are evident in the family's commitment to obtain education through whatever means possible.

The valleys around their village are rather spectacular.