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MOSES PROJECT: Participants

Junior Alexander Zavala Lara

Home: Concepción
Birthday: December 13, 1991
Siblings: 3 older and 2 younger
Education: Finished grade 6 in 2004

Like Denis and Edin, Junior has been helping his family by working predominantly in agriculture when work is to be found. His brother and sister walk each morning to another village to attend junior high school while Junior works. This is the first year that his brother has attended junior high school, even though he is 18 years old.

Although I'm not sure how or where, Junior is the only participant to have received a basic computer course. While he would like to pursue a career as an electrician... his parents would like him to become a teacher. Having seen some of the homes in his community, which does have electricity by the way, I would certainly encourage him to pursue the electrician option.

Junior lives with his family on the main road that passes through Concepción on its way to San Agustin. On our way to meet Junior's family we passed his brother with a load of hay on his bicycle walking it up a hill. While in his home talking to his mom, we asked to take a picture of his mom, brother and sister together. The interesting reaction was the brother's quick movement to change his shirt into a clean one for the picture. His house is made of mud bricks plastered with a mud/cement mixture and the walls inside are decorated with bright pictures -- some purchased and most drawn by the kids in the family.