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MOSES PROJECT: Participants

Luis Alonzo Arriaga Santos

Home: San Agustin
Birthday: April 12, 1989
Siblings: 5 older and 0 younger
Education: Finished grade 6 in 2005

Luis has older brothers with informal experience in construction trades and others that work in the field in the small farms of their community. Since his father died, Luis is now a main source of support for his mom who never-the-less is encouraging him to 'go off to the city' to open new doors of opportunity. She also earns an income by washing clothes, etc. for other families in the community.

When we presented the program to the director of the local school, she was adamnant that we must speak with Luis. Since Luis is already 17 years old, we would not have normally accepted him into the program. However, given his confidence in the interview, the fact that he just completed grade 6 last year and his mom's description of him as being a very hard worker with lots of friends, we decided to make an exception. Luis was also one of few boys in the interview process who could articulate an example of when they acted as a leader among their companions. When we asked him what his dream was, he said it was to become a lawyer. Given the wild west reputation of his town, I expect it might be a good idea to practice elsewhere for the sake of safety...

Luis' home has no electricity although the community does have it. Like almost all the others, their source of water is a tube that comes to their back yard.