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Oct 12, 2003
Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

There was this CRASH and my truck fell. Unfortunately I was driving on a smooth highway at the time and at first I didn't understand how or where I could fall. As my rear wheel rolled past me on the highway, I quickly caught on.

It was Monday and I had driven through the night the evening before to get to San Pedro Sula ("SPS"). I crashed at a friend's apartment for the night and then went out to El Progresso to find our ex-accountant and retrieve some accounting books and receipts. It was on the way back into SPS that my rear axles broke -- almost in front of the entrance to PriceSmart. For those familiar with SPS, they know that this was a very good location for this to happen. It is a divided road, so my wheel didn't roll into any oncoming traffic and nobody was hurt. Until a couple minutes later.

Another crash!! This time a moron looking at the site of our Rodeo leaning at a crazy angle resting on the rear brake pads didn't notice that someone had blocked the lane ahead to turn left. Three cars now blocked the left lane while my truck blocked the right edge of the highway. Several more screeches occured as idiots raced up and at the last moment realized that cars ahead weren't moving. Anyways, one of my friend's workers tracked down and negotiated a good deal with a tow truck and my Rodeo was hauled back to the shop once again. I proceeded to the bus station and caught the 4:00pm bus to Tegucigalpa.

In Teguc, things went much better. I met our Peace Corps volunteer along with the rest of the initial group of Youth Development volunteers for the Peace Corps in Honduras. I stayed overnight in Teguc Monday and Tuesday nights -- Tuesday night hoping to meet with the Secretary of Tourism Wednesday morning regarding Tela. Unfortunately, Alejandra had been unable to confirm our meeting earlier and the meeting never did take place. Subsequently, Alej was able to talk with Vanessa, the tourism official in charge of coastal projects, and she confirmed that the department had no current plans for that particular building -- SO WE'RE ONE STEP CLOSER!!!

Wednesday morning, we therefore caught a bus to SPS and then waited for a couple hours for the shop to finish putting my Rodeo back together. We headed out around 4:00pm for Santa Rosa de Copan and actually got about 20 miles out of SPS before the back end of my truck began to really howl and scream again -- progressing on to a bit of a shake, rattle and rumble. We limped into a little town before God granted the brainwave to put the truck into 4x4. We turned around and headed back to SPS, hoping to make it back before dark. I had called the mechanic who suggested just driving slow and continuing to Santa Rosa, but we would have had to cross a river (bridge still not replaced 3 weeks after the storm that took it out) in the dark and the truck howled every time we climbed a hill. Anyways, we made it back to SPS, crashed at my friend Rob's apartment once again and then caught a morning bus to Santa Rosa.

In Santa Rosa we found that my crew had decided not to work on the warehouse / shop while I was gone, but other than that life was normal. I was able to introduce Drew (Andrew Blandford), our Peace Corps volunteer to some of the kids in our community as well as some of the other volunteers in our area who had come to town for the weekend. SORRY. I meant to take his picture and include it, but I'll put it in the end of the month news when he returns to stay for good (well, for 2 years anyways). Let's just say he's big. He's also a great guy and I look forward to working with him. The kids took to him immediately and he seemed to like the area.

Thursday night, we met the Mayor when we were getting together with a couple other volunteers at Lily's. The mayor informed me that the city had some money over and above the UNICEF donation to help us build the basketball court at La Roca. COOL! I hired Miguel to finish the warehouse / shop, so we should be able to get going on the basketball court in a couple weeks. Friday, a Peace Corp Volunteer from Lapeara, Lempira showed up with news that when he mentioned to the mayor that we were interested in building another center there, the mayor immediately sent out staff to take pictures of potential sites. They put together a one page summary of information on their community and one of the Peace Corps volunteers assigned to that little city is raring to help us get it going. This by the way, is the site of a center that another foundation in Calgary has asked about sponsoring. We have nothing definite and I have work to do to get a proper proposal together for them with budgets, etc., but I'm excited that so far God seems to be blessing our dreams and efforts.

Sunday I got on the 6:00am bus for SPS and Drew, I'm hoping, caught the 9:00am bus for Teguc. He has to return for 2 more weeks of training before coming to live in Santa Rosa. I on the other hand had to suddenly return to Canada for a couple weeks. I am hoping to return to Santa Rosa for the last week of October. Unfortunately / Fortunately a project in Canada suddenly hit a stage where I have to be present to take care of some arrangements. This is good for me because it will help to pay for some of my bills (my version of Paul's tent making), but bad timing as we are really in the middle of getting all of our programs re-launched and finishing up the construction at La Roca.

When I was clearing customs in the Calgary airport, the customs agent asked what I was doing in Honduras and when I briefly explained, she said "Great! I want to come down and help. What could I do. No really, you think I'm joking, but what could I teach. Could I teach English..." I didn't have a card, so I gave her a copy of the pamphlet that we put together a few years ago with a basic description of our programs and info on our web page.

Contact me at with any questions or for further information.

Prayer requests:

Thanks for a great volunteer who seems to have some great initiative to launch new ideas.
Thanks that the Department of Tourism apparently has no plans for the building in Tela.
Funds to hit theTela center properly.
Mechanical health for (or the sale of) my Isuzu Rodeo. Really got to step up the prayer on that one please.
Christian volunteers to help us achieve our ultimate goal of helping to make Christ real to people we're helping.