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Oct 26, 2003
Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

No crashes, no snakes, no spiders, no torrential dowpours. For the past 2 weeks I have been lost in the "lack of anything interesting" syndrome in Canada. What a break! As the last update indicated, I had to return rather suddenly to address a project for a client. As always, this is part of my "tent making" efforts to pay my own expenses in Honduras. Hallelujah for a couple fantastic Calgary Flames games.

Anyways, I had the opportunity to provide a live update at the Cochrane All Nations Church last Sunday, followed by the afternoon / evening out at Banff. For those unfamiliar with Banff -- it is simply the most beautiful spot in the world that is still crowded with people. This web page had been updated twice, but both times my computer crashed before I could get it on the web. Now my computer is back at Future Shop's repair shop waiting for a new mother-board from Compaq.

I was also able to touch base with a new foundation in Calgary that may be able and willing to pursue fundraising for a new center in Lepaera. That is in the pre-incubation stage, but exciting non-the-less.

This Sunday, the church showed a sample of the quilts that I'll be taking back to Honduras. These were made through the coordinating efforts of Brenda Hilling and the ladies in her quilting group. I think most North Americans are wondering why in the world they would need quilts in Honduras, but let me assure you -- I froze last winter and I had blankets on my bed. Just think of Vancouver or Seattle weather for December and January without any heat in the house and no insulation in the walls. I imagine many kitchens are crowded with kids hanging out around the stove to dry off and warm up. THANKS A BUNCH TO BRENDA AND THE GANG!!!

Contact me at with any questions or for further information.

Prayer requests:

A good start with Andrew Blandsford from Peace Corps in Santa Rosa
Direction on the future Lepaera center
Funds to hit theTela center properly.
Mechanical health for (or the sale of) my Isuzu Rodeo. Really got to step up the prayer on that one please.
Christian volunteers to help us achieve our ultimate goal of helping to make Christ real to people we're helping. (actually have a lead on a few this week!!)