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Nov 2, 2003
Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

While in Canada, it seems that the walls and roof structure were completed quite nicely by Miguel and his brother. The only hitch was that they didn't trust my engineering and went out and spent another $450 to put more steel in the roof... Still, I am happy that they seemed to do a good job on it. Now I just have to install the doors and put the roof tiles on it. I'm really looking forward to the space in my office and bedroom, not to mention the space in the main hall as well.

Unfortunately, my Rodeo is still not fixed. Since it wasn't ready when I arrived at the airport, I took a bus out to Santa Rosa. I called the home of the shop owner tonight and it's still not ready. Apparently it's a big deal when your rear wheel passes you on the road... Anyways, I'm praying that that one doesn't get too expensive.

Of course Halloween was this week and we had a party here on Saturday night. Again we were full of neighbors of all ages (from 7 to 50 -- Ok, I know other ages exist but they apparently aren't as inclined to party...). A few of them showed up in costumes and most received masquerade masks when they paid their entrance fee (something like US $0.65). Alma and the youth did a great job preparing for the fiesta and then Alma and some of the neighbors did a fantastic job preparing and selling food and drink all night long. Alma was still making baleadas at about 1:00am for some of the guys that were helping to take a neighbor's stereo home after the party. For those of you who are shocked that we would have a party on Halloween weekend, please feel free to write and tell me your preference: have the kids here in a safe environment without drugs and alcohol or out at alternatives? Being a gringo, they were once again amused at my inability to dance.

Since I left Calgary in a snowstorm, I thought you'd all like to know what the weather is like down here. Thursday was a tad chilly and Friday was unbelievably nice. Again Saturday was great and then today was cold and drizzly. However, the picture on the right shows that we are still blessed with beautiful flowers and green grass. The kids here all wish we could have snow -- HOW WRONG THEY ARE!!! Of course, due to the drizzly weather, the picture at the left shows a Honduran clothes dryer: 2 fans lined up on either side of clothes laid over chairs. Otherwise it would take 2 or 3 days to dry and I don't feel like "pulling a Kramer" and putting my jeans in the oven...

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Prayer requests:

Praise: the job done on the shop & warehouse while I was gone
Cost of repairs to the Rodeo
Funds to hit theTela center properly.
Better mechanical health for (or better yet, the sale of) my Isuzu Rodeo.
Christian volunteers to help us achieve our ultimate goal of helping to make Christ real to people we're helping.