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Nov 9, 2003
Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

Good week this week. Too busy to write this update, so I am actually writing this November 18th, trying to keep the enthusiasm I had that week... Monday to Friday were fairly normal, getting classes back swinging well.

On Monday I did some basic bookwork for invoices, etc. and then worked on scheduling with our new volunteer -- Drew. That afternoon I went to talk with the mayor about helping us with the costs of the pending basketball court (he wasn't in) and then checked out prices for roofing materials, etc. at some of the hardware stores. Tuesday I unsuccessfully tried to fix our drill which our workers had left in the rain while I was in Canada -- finally took it to 2 shops, the second of which told me it would be cheaper to buy a new one. Thanks Miguel. I also spent a couple hours that week working through the economics of a recycling plant with a local Peace Corps volunteer.

Wednesday I jumped on a morning bus for San Pedro Sula and finally retrieved my Rodeo from the shop (it had been there since mid October). I was able to get the 3 strand wire we need for our shop and check out prices for drills etc in a couple major hardware stores there in SPS. I returned to Santa Rosa that night and the truck ran very well on the way home. Thursday we went to visit another neighborhood called Los Angeles to check out opportunities to help coordinate volunteers to put programs like ours into their unused community center. We scheduled a meeting for next week and are counting on a neighborhood nurse to get everyone together. I met with a municipality worker regarding helping us with our basketball court (I quite trying to catch the mayor), and replaced the drill at a hardware store. Of course there is English class Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and after class, I built cards to accompany the donated quilts.

Friday was tour day. I took Drew to San Juan de Opoa to show him the clinic and the water project we participate in there. We then went on to Lepaera to check out the potential site for the future La Roca Lepaera and had a brief meeting with the mayor there. We then cruised on to Gracias to check out the youth center that the government built there last fall. It is a beautiful center, but so far lacking in programs. Hopefully we can work together to help them and to learn from them as well.

On Saturday, we had a great party to level out the little playing field on the end of our building on which to construct our basketball court. We had somewhere around 12 youth come to help out for the day in exchange for the opportunity to go to Lepaera next week for a soccer game. We worked fairly hard that day until about 6:00pm.

Sunday was another fun day since I spent the afternoon as Santa Clause thanks to the ladies in Brenda Hilling's quilting group. I took pictures of each child or family that recieved a quilt and recorded their names so that we can send copies of these pictures for each quilt that was hand-stitched in Cochrane. You have no idea how happy those quilts made kids here -- I have 3 blankets on my bed and some nights I'm still cold. These kids only survive by piling many into one bed!

Contact me at with any questions or for further information.

Prayer requests:

Praise: the kids had fun Saturday and did a good job leveling the field for the basketball court
Praise: the quilts went over like soft gold
Praise: we were able to arrange for roofing material for the warehouse and shop to match the center itself
Better mechanical health for (or better yet, the sale of) my Isuzu Rodeo
Christian volunteers to help us achieve our ultimate goal of helping to make Christ real to people we're helping.