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June 1, 2003
Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

This past week, we finished our library book campaign here in Santa Rosa de Copan. Several local stores (Pizza Pizza, Muebles Nazareth, Zeus, La Economica, the city hall, the health center, the University CUROC and a local junior high / high school) all held boxes with posters for us in a campaign to obtain more books for our fledgling library.

The grand draw for the winners of prizes such as soccer uniforms, soccer balls, an art set, beach balls and swimming goggles, etc was held live on TV on local channel 49. While we did not collect a lot of Spanish books (over half were English), we did receive a lot of publicity out of this project and we received some fantastic books in Spanish and others in English.

We also hosted a movie night on Saturday night. The first movie was Toy Story 2 and the Second was a Jet Li film called "The One". We sold out the 20 hamburgers we purchased at a church fundraiser earlier in the day plus all the popcorn we had in the place. We thought attendance would be light given that the Honduran Soccer Championship game was scheduled for the same time. However, a power outage in San Pedro Sula postponed the game until the next day and we had a full house. Thanks to Wild Rose Investments of San Pedro Sula for the donation of concentrated blackberry juice which also sold out. Normally our events are free, but this one cost L2 (Cdn$0.18) to enter and the entry ticket was good for one bag of popcorn. The juice sold for L1 and the burgers L10. Apart from the donated juice, we almost broke even on the evening since we subsidized the burgers a little bit.

Finally, in the news today was a visit to the San Juan de Opoa water project. We helped clean the chlorine injector for them and put in our second dose of chlorine for the town of San Juan de Opoa. This Friday I am headed to San Pedro Sula to purchase the following month's supply of chlorine as well as the chemicals and kit to test the chlorine content.

This week, we are working on the presentation to the National Port Authority from whom we want a 20 year lease for $1 for an abandoned building in Tela. This will be our second facility in Honduras and holds incredible potential for impact on that city and the lives of the youth that live there. I think it would also be a great bonus for the teams of volunteers that come down to be able to spend something like 3 days working at that center where they can also enjoy the incredible beach - the best in Honduras apart from the Bay Islands...