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Aug 31, 2003
Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

Back in Santa Rosa de Copan!!! I finally arrived back in Santa Rosa on Thursday after a month and a half in Canada. My trip, intended to speak to groups about our upcoming projects here and work for a few weeks to pay some bills, was extended by the sale of my home. However, everything closed all right on my house last week and now we're back in the sweat-lodge.

I promptly returned to Honduran life by taking a chicken bus (any bus where you're as likely to share your seat with farm animals as with people, to another small city nearby to stand in line for an hour at a bank to pay the annual license fee on my Rodeo. Anyways, that's all taken care of now and Monday I plan to take the Rodeo to a shop to have the tranny oil changed and a couple of tires put on the monster. Hopefully the oil change will take care of the problems I had with it shortly before I left on my trip to Canada.

Tela is now my focus as I pursue symbolic rental agreements for control over the property shown to the left, as well as writing grant applications to CIDA and Alberta Wildrose. While in Canada I had a good meeting with Wildrose and that was encouraging. However, keep in mind that we are going to need at least as much in private support as we will receive in grants.

It appears that I returned during a break in the programs at our center. The summer fair shuts most things (including schools) for a week or so and the people who put on our art programs are in Europe putting on some cultural tour kind of thingy. I met some of our potential new volunteers this afternoon who will hopefully replace some of the ones we lost just before I left for Canada. On top of that, the American Peace Corp has offered us a couple of workers for 2 years and I certainly plan to take them up on the offer for at least one of them -- not sure I could keep 2 of them busy here in Santa Rosa unless they were capable of pursuing the recycling project for us. Mary Anne, our incredible unofficial helper from Peace Corp (since it is done after the hours she puts into her assigned task with the health department) was hit by dengue this past week. For those that don't know, that's a nasty tropical disease kind of like malaria. We're praying for a great recovery for her!!

The guys did a good job on the stucco while I was gone. Now we have to repaint the window and door frames a lighter color so that we don't have dark red trim on brick red stucco. The Unicef funds have still not shown up for the basketball court, but the head honcho is expected here this week or next at the latest. Tuesday I need to head to San Pedro Sula for more chlorine for San Juan de Opoa's urban water supply. While there, I will try to hook up with a couple of our local board of directors. We lost one of our Santa Rosa de Copan directors for a while at least as Alejandra Tabora moved to Tegucigalpa while I was in Canada.

So... it appears that the next group coming to Santa Rosa is in October. Those interested in a 10 day or so project should contact Tim at Those interested in a longer term vacation (OK, some work is involved and longer term means a minimum of 6 months), should contact me at .

Prayer requests:

Praise that I sold my house in Canada
Funds to finish the warehouse & industrial shop
A fantastic director for Tela with lots of initiative, patience and a heart for God. Sailing abilities a bonus...
Funds to hit theTela center properly
Christian volunteers to help us achieve our ultimate goal of helping to make Christ real to people we're helping
Praise: a Canadian foundation approached me about a project and is going to take on the task of raising the funds to build the third center in another mountain city named La Paera in the neighboring province. They will also stay connected with it through ongoing participation with visiting groups of volunteers.