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Sept 7, 2003
Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

Thought you might like to see the results of the work that was done on our center while I was in Canada. The windows were just painted this week and as you see if you look closely, we ran out of stucco just one bag short to finish the cement pillars in front. However, I think it looks great!!

On Monday I spent the majority of the day waiting at a shop for the guys to change the oil in my Rodeo. When they were washing it, they must have put a pressure washer up against my starter, because my started suddenly decided not to work. Apparently they had some other "difficulties" and torqued off the plug for my rear differential and almost one other on the oil pan protector for the transmission. My oil is now clean, but I have a new strange clunking sound when I am coasting... Tuesday I was working with our guys on the building itself and meeting with my assistant, Alma, to find out what went on while I was gone (plus what we are going to do for programs over the next month before La Casa de la Cultura returns. On Wednesday I went to San Pedro Sula where I picked up some more stucco and some tools for a new project that we are checking out in cooperation with Individuality (a Canadian boutique jewelry operation). I was able to meet with one of our board members while there and picked up a couple more barrells of chlorine for San Juan de Opoa.

Thursday I delivered the chlorine to San Juan de Opoa to find that they had run out of the last of our chlorine 10 days earlier. However, the good news is that the regional health authority had selected San Juan de Opoa for a project to updgrade their chlorification systems because of our participation with them on that urban project. The environmental project manager proceeded to discuss the potential for involvement in some wells in surrounding communities that fall under their jurisdiction. This coming Wednesday he is supposed to deliver to me a proposal with budgets that shows the contribution of the residents that will use the wells, the municipality that governs them and the requested participation from us.

Thursday afternoon, I met with a representative of the rural education / health departments who is putting together a cooperation with various agencies to provide some of the basic health necessities in the rural schools just east of Santa Rosa. I had met with her back in June, and to my credit (negatively), had forgotten. She is hoping that we will be able to participate with the provision of multivitamins for the students in her region. She has 3600 students in 19 schools, with about 1500 of them under the age of 9. It is these 1500 students that she particularily wishes to target for vitamins. LOOKING FOR SPONSORS FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY! We already have one: Linsday Skelton -- a young student in Cochrane who has been contributing some of her allowance and collecting from some of her other school friends money to buy vitamins. I will be taking a road trip on Friday to visit some of the schools in this project.

Friday evening, one of the girls who participates frequently in our programs came knocking on my door in the dark. She said that her mother sent her to ask if by any chance I had some shoes that I could sell her (she was aware of one pair donated earlier this year). She went on to explain that she had a school excursion the next day, but could only go if she had shoes (I've never seen her wear anything but flip-flop sandals). So, thanks to a specific education fund donation from a lady in Cochrane, she, her sister and I went to the market Saturday morning before her excursion and bought some shoes. Karen is 12 years old and was happy to return to school at the grade 3 level this year... Her dad had died trying to get up to the US a couple years ago and their little family barely hangs on by the money her mom occasionaly makes washing clothes for other people.

I am still hoping to be able to get back in contact with the owners of the Tela facility within the next two weeks with a written proposal for our center there. That building has just under 100 windows and 6 exterior entrance doors. I would say that we need a favourable contract with a window company... Guillermo, one of our board members from San Pedro, and I discussed on Wednesday the need for a structural engineer to test the building to ensure that it is structurally sound before we proceed with anything else.

Looking forward to the group here in October -- actually it's the false ceiling in the center that I'm looking forward to as I hope not to freeze this winter... By all means, contact me at with any questions or for further information.

Prayer requests:

Direction in the process to get going in Tela
A fantastic director for Tela with lots of initiative, patience and a heart for God. Sailing abilities a bonus...
Funds to hit theTela center properly
Christian volunteers to help us achieve our ultimate goal of helping to make Christ real to people we're helping