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Sept 14, 2003
Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

As you can see, we've finally started work on the actual walls of our warehouse and shop; but that didn't start until Wednesday.

Monday morning I opened my truck door to go to San Pedro and found a scorpion in my Rodeo. Now I'm not a big believer in omens, but if I were... About 20 minutes out of Santa Rosa, I hit a check stop and smelled smoke from my truck -- not normally a good sign, but when I checked everthing, all seemed to be in order. By the time I was half way to San Pedro, I new I could hear a grinding noise and started to fear that I'd taken out the rear differential of my transmission. I kept going anyways, since it wasn't going to help to stop part way. I drove directly to H&L Auto, a mechanic shop that I know in that city, and caught a ride with a friend who happened to show up at the same shop. I took care of the meetings I had with one of our board members and our lawyer and returned to the shop to find that the differential survived, but I'd almost cut one of my back axles in half. Needless to say, I didn't get my truck back that day, but was able to catch a ride over to the friend I'd run into earlier and crashed at his place for the evening. The next day I waited. Waited some more. Waited a tad longer and finally got my Rodeo back at 5:30pm with only a $200 bill for repairs -- replaced bearings, seals, brazed and ground axle shaft and a days labor. Try that in Canada or the US!!!

Wednesday went better with time spent getting the guys going on the walls for the warehouse and then spending the afternoon drawing proper architectural plans for the warehouse and the shop. I delivered the plans to the cheif city planner Thursday morning and was informed that he would come out at 2:00pm to inspect our site. I made sure I was back in time to make the workers disappear during inspection... All went well and our guys were back at work by 3:00pm. God has blessed us with a good relationship with the city and I certainly appreciate it.

Thursday went as normal with English classes and Friday we spent making board games to replace the totally destroyed "Sorry"game that Alma had donated. Friday afternoon launched the preparations for the big party Saturday (celebrating Wednesday's "Day of the Child"). Saturday morning at 8:30 one of my neighbors showed up to use our stove to prepare her share of the food for the party since the electricity had gone out and her stove was electric. By noon the party itself was launched with the only healthy component of the afternoon -- a delicious lunch of rice with chicken and vegetables and orchata to drink (basically made from rice and water). This was followed by the decimation of a piñata and some games with the participation of +/- 200 hyper kids.

Now you've got to wonder why the picture Buster and a nice party cake. Well, Governor Lic.Sonia Medina de Alvarado came at 2:00pm with an addition 4 piñatas, a nice cake, a sack of oranges, a cooler of freezies and another sack of small potatoe chip bags. UNFORTUNATLY, someone put the cake in my office because it was too big to fit in the fridge. Not aware of this, I also put Buster in my office to keep him out of the way. I returned a little while later to see Buster with a big icing mustache. I was mad at first but later started to kill myself laughing. I cut out the section he started to chow on and I'm still not sure what my helpers told the governor or her helpers about the cake... Buster was removed further to my bedroom.

Anyways, the party continued without further incident and was basically operated by the governor personally (who did a great job). Obogado Jose Santos Cruz, another senior politician in the ruling national party, also showed up a little later with more piñatas, a clown and other goodies. He was quite impressed by our little center and couldn't figure out where all the kids came from. The head of the Department of Education for our province, Lic. Dora Antonieta Marillo de Valdivieso was going to come, but instead sent us a gift of a beatuful large Honduran flag for our center. I never had a party like this when I was a kid, that's for sure. We busted up about 7 piñatas and still have some left over. We topped the day off by showing the Jesus Film (produced by Campus Crusade for Christ) to a group of kids abolutely shaking from sugar overload..

Sunday was the opposite of Saturday. I spent the day at a farm of Alejandra's family (Alexandra is not here anymore, she's in Tegucigalpa). What a beautiful relaxing day with great fresh food -- meaning the corn was brought to the house where it was peeled, shaved, ground and made into tortillas, tomalitas and a couple other types of food. The soup included oregano which was picked from the side of a little stream, as was some incredibly hot little peppers the size of peas. Our return to town was delayed by a rain storm which didn't mean much to us (other than some had to ride in the back of their truck, so we waited for the rain to lighten up).

However, upon returning to Osorio in Santa Rosa de Copán, we found that the rain was much more serious here. I found two buckets that were empty Saturday and now contained 8 - 10 inches of water. Needless to say, some of my neighbors were sweepeing water out of their houses and pilling rocks and dirt in front of the houses to try to keep the water that was running down the road from burying their house. The roads were even less recognizable as such and even with a 4x4 we had difficulty getting up to the center. But, if that's the price for a peaceful recovery day, well there's always tomorrow to fix the road... Looking forward to the group here in October -- that false ceiling would have helped us hear the movie better on Saturday when it started to rain....

By all means, contact me at with any questions or for further information.

Prayer requests:

Praise that our fiesta was basically run by Hondurans -- I was the only gringo this year. We're headed in the right direction.
Direction in the process to get going in Tela
A fantastic director for Tela with lots of initiative, patience and a heart for God. Sailing abilities a bonus...
Funds to hit theTela center properly
Christian volunteers to help us achieve our ultimate goal of helping to make Christ real to people we're helping.