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Sept 21, 2003
Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

This week opened up with a torrential storm. On Sunday we received between 8 - 10 inches of rain in a mater of a couple hours. We lost a little bit of the new grass planted on the front of our hill, but other than that our property suffered very little while what existed of the street into our place was destroyed quite nicely with new trenches cut up to 2 feet wide and 3 feet deep. As the picture above left shows, we had fun building a sandbag wall to protect against further loss.

Monday through Wednesday followed in fairly normal process with nothing much to describe. On Thursday I went to San Jose de Copán with an education "promoter". We met with the mayor, the doctor in the clinic and toured the main school in town as well. The purpose of this visit was to determine if there were opportunities for participation in that community for our medical volunteers in February, 2004 and or a group of less medically inclined volunteers who might come earlier. Amazingly, I found that the doctor in that community is the husband of the doctor with whom we first cooperated in San Juan de Opoa. Therefore he was already well aware of who we are and what kind of help we can provide. There is also a fantastic opportunity for our shop to produce medicine cabinets for the schools (they have some basic medicines stored in a box in a classroom in each school) when our shop gets operational and for a program providing multi-vitamins for the kids in kindergarten up to grade 2 or 3.

Due to the storm on Sunday, however, a bridge on the main highway from Guatemala / El Salvador to San Pedro (along which I live) was washed out. This meant a long detour on Thursday on our way to San Jose and an interesting ride that could fit in the movie "Romancing the Stone". On Friday I repeated this detour as a local Peace Corp volunteer, Mike, and I went to San Pedro Sula to visit some recycling plants. (The picture on the right is of a guard for the largest mall in SPS -- they have shotguns mounted on their bikes for patrolling the parking lot...) We are trying to determine if we can set something up like that on a small scale in Santa Rosa de Copan. This would provide 3 benefits: 1) help clean up the plastic garbage on our streets, 2) provide employment in an area desparate for such and 3) provide some funds to help create sustainability for our youth center in Santa Rosa. We were able to visit 2 plants in San Pedro, both of whom were very gracious and helpful to us. We crashed in San Pedro overnight and then on the way home visited a third plant which is more along the scale we are looking for and is located on the road to Santa Barbara. This was a very educational trip and I'm certainly open to hearing from any experts that know more about this process.

On the way home, I realized quite late that we were out of fuel -- with normally a 25 minute drive in the mountains ahead of us, but the 30 minute 4x4 detour also ahead of us. I told Mike the story of the oil and wheat that never ran out for the widow and her son in Israel with Elijah and said we kind of needed the same wth fuel. Well we hit the start of the detour and there were no police there to make us detour so we followed 3 other 4x4's that drove off the highway and crossed the river bouncing over rocks and being pushed sideways by the current. Of course it's not that we were so brave as we were able to watch the others cross before we entered. Anyways, we made it to a gas station in Santa Rosa just fine.

Construction on our bodega proceeds quite nicely and I'm looking forward to having space in my bedroom and the office... plus emptying out the tools from one of the bathrooms and under a table in the main room..

Contact me at with any questions or for further information.

Prayer requests:

Praise for the news from the Peace Corp
Mechanical health for (or the sale of) my Isuzu Rodeo
A fantastic director for Tela with lots of initiative, patience and a heart for God. Sailing abilities a bonus...
Funds to hit theTela center properly.
Christian volunteers to help us achieve our ultimate goal of helping to make Christ real to people we're helping.