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Sept 28, 2003
Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

How do you spell "boring"??? This was one of those weeks when it is a good thing that I believe I really am where God wants me. Otherwise, this would be a good week to pack up and return home. Nothing bad, mind you, just boring like my life in Canada except without money or comfort. If I sound like I'm whining, sorry.

The only thing I remember from Monday was the thunder storm in the night that drove my chicken of a dog (although big) to climb onto my bed while I was sleeping. Was sleeping! My bed is not big enough for me and a shivering dog almost as big as me. I finally convinced him that it was better for our health if he was to lay on my feet instead of my head. After an hour or so with the furnace thus located, it was re-relegated back the floor from whence it came. As I write this, he lays quivering at my feet once again due to a little thunder outside...

Monday through Wednesday were normal with time spent buying materials for our bodega, hanging out with the kids, doing accounting, etc. While I was in Canada, Alma had rented out the cement mixer and the chain had finally given out. After trying to find parts or a new chain to replace it, I resorted to what must be an inherited ability -- we bought pieces of metal and converted them to the parts we needed. I always marvelled at my dad's ability to do this and I'm sure he wouldn't have waisted so much time before taking care of it like we finally did. I taught one of the young guys how to take the engine apart to clean the head from all the built up carbon and gunk. Unfortunately, when we went to pour the solera (a band of concrete along the tops of the walls that ties everything together), I found that either he or the "renters" had stripped the head where the spark plug screws in. I don't have the tools to fix that, so we might have to find a shop who can do something as the ability to rent the mixer is an opportunity to earn money to pay for costs here at the center.

As with last week, Thursday was the good day. In fact it was a great day. Dr. Sandra Gomez, director for the Youth Development program for the Peace Corps in Honduras, came to visit for the day. We checked out the apartments that Alma and I had found as alternatives for them and reviewed the processes, goals and practicalities of cooperating with the Peace Corps. In the end of October, we will get a 22 year old male volunteer for a period of 2 years. This guy (I don't know his name as of yet), will launch a more organized version of our sports program for both boys and girls. He will also assume control of the English classes. WOW!! That will be sweet.

In addition, the good news continues -- we have the opportunity to continue cooperating with the Peace Corps after his two years of service are finished with 2 more consecutive volunteers. That means that if our center is operating as it should be, we may have cooperation from the Peace Corps for 6 years. Judging by the caliber of volunteers that I have met from the Peace Corp, that encourages me tremendously and I expect great things from this cooperation. We now have a 2 year deal with the local House of Culture plus a potentially 6 year deal with the Peace Corp. Sadly we still have nada from the churches.

Friday I went to 2 meetings with Mike from the Peace Corps regarding our recycling project. As is unfortunately all to common here, the other party was not present at either of the planned meetings and so it is more accurate to say that I went to 2 offices and waited for people who never showed up. Saturday consisted of buyind more materials for the warehouse and then spending about 3 hours teaching 2 of our more artistically inclined 14 year old boys how to make jewelry. We are striving to see if we can create an opportunity through a partnership with Individuality - a cottage Canadian religious jewelry maker and distributor. We may be able to provide employment for up to 4 people plus be able to gain some financial support for our center. Soldering is harder than I recall. I used to do it a lot, but seem to be in need of practice once more.... We topped off Saturday with a movie night, showing a Harry Potter movie to the kids.

Contact me at with any questions or for further information.

Prayer requests:

Prayer for the volunteer from Peace Corp who will be joining us.
Mechanical health for (or the sale of) my Isuzu Rodeo
A kick in the pants to get after Tela properly
Funds to hit theTela center properly
Christian volunteers to help us achieve our ultimate goal of helping to make Christ real to people we're helping