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Feb 3 , 2004
Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

Call off the police and the tracking dogs! I haven't been kidnapped nor have I wandered off with amnesia. I've simply been busy since returning from Canada.

My brother Tim actually came down with me this time. In fact he went to Nicaragua first to meet up with another brother who is working with the schools in Costa Rica and Nicaragua showing the Jesus Film kids version. Anyways, we finished the basketball court in a day and a half for a lot less concrete than they used on the first half. We then ventured out to San Juan de Opoa to deliver some chlorine for their water system and then carried on to Lepaera where we met with the mayor and the city projects manager. We went out to the potential site for Laroca #2. It is right next to a huge soccer field and a fenced off and chained shut basketball court -- both brand new. On the other side of the property is the main junior high / senior high school. Unbelievable location being offered by the city.

On Friday, Dan and Barb Hoskins showed up in town. Dan was in the first team that came to Santa Rosa in 1999 and they both were on the original team that came down to start construction. It was good to show them around and then Saturday we drove out to the hot springs at Gracias to try to fix some very sore muscles used in cement work. Before heading out to Gracias, Tim and I distributed some clothes to a neighborhood even worse off than ours and took some of our worker kids downtown to buy shoes. For 14 year old guy (the son of a shoe repair man), it was the first pair of tennis shoes he'd ever had. For others it was shoes that were required for school.

Sunday I took Tim into the airport and then met up with a couple that are working out of San Pedro Sula to help build an orphanage on a farm outside of the city. They're doing very well despite very limited Spanish. The next day was spent chasing licenses and permits in the city of San Pedro for our construction project there. The Rodeo was getting such horrendous fuel mileage that I left it at a mechanic's shop on Tuesday and took a bus back to Santa Rosa. The rest of that week we worked on building goals for soccer on the basketball court and meeting with the ag department regarding a new "horticulture" program for the kids as well as with instructors from INFOP regarding carpentry, welding, basic electrical and sewing programs. Many of our programs here are on winter hiatus -- including sewing and the Casa de la Cultura art programs. We continue with English, Flamenco and sports programs throughout. The other programs should be starting up again next week. Sewing was really held up pending some kind of idea of what we were going to do with INFOP. Drew started the kids playing chess over Christmas. This is far more valuable that you might imagine because it teaches the kids to think ahead -- in effect, to plan and recognize consequences before they occur.

Saturday night two of the 15 year old boys went with me to church. The service was a little different and I was thinking "Oh why did they have to do this on the first time these kids come to church?" However, they enjoyed it and are planning to return with me this weekend and bring another friend. Cool. Sunday was of course Super Bowl Sunday and we celebrated with a party for about 20 Peace Corps volunteers at the home of Drew, our Peace Corps volunteer.

This week we went back at the welding. We took some piping unions to a shop to convert them to a "sleeve" that will allow us to raise or lower the basketball nets. We also finished welding the soccer nets and welded hooks on two poles and installed them in the back yard for a clothes line. After all, winter is finished here -- it's now hot and dry. Unfortunately, I burned my leg and then my face welding. Nothing serious, just like a nasty sunburn. We found a sheet of plywood here in town to use for backboards for the basketball nets.

Monday night we hosted a movie night to introduce some of the technical training programs from INFOP to the youth here. The turnout of eligible youth was terrible and that concerns me. Like one instructor said to the kids -- it seems like people like to do nothing and then blame the government for all their troubles and lack of necessities.

This Friday we are supposed to host a concert put on by the college age youth from a church in town. So far this week I have not heard from them and I know they were having problems with their sound system, so I'm not sure what's going to happen. We really need the participation of churches in events like this.

so there we are. We're alive and well (mostly).

Contact me at with any questions or for further information.

Prayer requests:

Praise: We have a great opportunity in Lepaera to replicate the model of our Santa Rosa center.
Praise: The Rodeo still runs. Still needs lots of prayer and some body work to be able to sell it.
Christian volunteers to help us achieve our ultimate goal of helping to make Christ real to people we're helping. Great news that we have a medical team coming in March (predominantly Christian), a Bible School student coming for 2 months in the spring, a church group coming in July and a Christian youth worker planning to come for a year this fall. Of course, we still seek local Christian involvement.
Prayer: We need to find a local replacement for our program coordinator who has initiative and a heart for kids. Of course a heart after God is the first requisite.