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Feb 15 , 2004
Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

I call this a roller coaster week. It consisted of several trips back to the school supply store for backpacks, notebooks, pens, rulers, etc. While I'm not a fan of giving stuff away (unlike God's grace), a lot of these supplies went out the door without strings attached. Others who were old enough to work were given tasks of cleaning up our trees, putting fertilizer on them and watering them. Others were painting the goal posts for our soccer nets and preparing the steel component of our basketball hoop setups.

Unfortunately, I woke up Wednesday quite sick and when finally able to, I returned to bed until noon. Then I had to get up to help the kids prepare for their Flamenco presentation. We hosted a dance recital at 6:00pm in full regalia. Due to a misunderstanding over event date changes, our parliamentary representative and his wife did not make it, but the girls did a great job and were very pleased to receive their 'official certificates' for completing the Seville style of Flamenco dance as per the standards set by La Roca. Maryanne has done such an incredible job with these kids here in the center.

Thursday felt much better and consisted of more school trips, some accounting and then wasting my time at a board meeting dowtown for a trade school. I was able to catch up with our lawyer and accountant regarding some new registrations that we had to do before Christmas. Friday was a normal day of work around here followed by a trip to a youth program at the Good Samaritan church. Three 15 year old boys have gone to church with me the past couple Saturdays and were wanting to return again this week. However, due to a Valentine's party at the center on Saturday, I knew it wouldn't work out. So, we went to this other church since I knew they held youth services on Friday nights. Talk about blowing away preconceptions of what church is like.

It was great. The guys came into the entrance -- had their hands shook by a youth greeter and then a hug by another (only much cuter than the guy shaking hands...). There was no place for anonymity in this event. The benches were all pushed to the side and the chairs were in a big circle up front. They had some ice-breaker activities, lots of good music and then a very lively talk from Jose Cruz -- their 22 year old youth leader. He had all the youth go to others, give them a hug, tell them God loves them and pray with them. Of course us 4 visitors were kind of sitting their like ghosts, but it was so cool to see guys and girls alike come over to the three guys and hug them and pray with them. When we left, the guys were pushing immediately to make sure we could return next week. I 'reluctanctly' relented on the condition that next week they had to bring another friend. In a couple weeks we'll up the ante to 2 more friends -- we still have lots of room in the back of the Rodeo.

Saturday morning I took met with the mayor of San Juan de Opoa to provide the funds for all the materials they just bought for 3 villages out in the middle of nowhere. That evening we held our Valentines Day party. It was kind of lame since we had no disco ball or cool lights so I left and went and watched a movie at a friends place. I paid one of the kids to act as "bouncer" and left Alma in charge. I had to escape anyways since the ladies that were preparing food in the kitchen were pushing me to dance with them and being gringo -- I don't dance. Personally I have no difficulty with those that do (my Bible is filled with too many examples of dancers), but I have never developed that particular ability...

So there we are. We're alive and well (mostly).

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Prayer requests:

Prayer: Time and discipline to get after the grants for Lepaera quickly
Praise: The Rodeo still runs. Still needs lots of prayer and some body work to be able to sell it.
Christian volunteers to help us achieve our ultimate goal of helping to make Christ real to people we're helping. Great news that we have a medical team coming in March (predominantly Christian), a Bible School student coming for 2 months in the spring, a church group coming in July and a Christian youth worker planning to come for a year this fall. Of course, we still seek local Christian involvement.
Prayer: We need to find a local replacement for our program coordinator with initiative and a heart for kids.