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Mar 7 , 2004
Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

First, to explain the picture -- I just thought I'd show how we save on condo fees at La Roca by utilizing the most efficient lawn mowers... OK, let's see. What has happened since February 28th. First of all, we returned to the river again last Sunday, only this time we had a 'full load' of kids in the truck and food was not part of the deal. It was still nice to sit and burn my legs while reading a new book by Philip Yancey.

Monday I delivered chlorine to San Juan de Opoa and made some more specific arrangements with their health clinic regarding the medical team that is coming to town the end of this month. We bought a few more items for school for a young guy that diligently worked half a day on Saturday to earn them. I also climbed into the water tank in my ceiling to clean it. To get an impression of what that is like, wait till summer then put your car in the sun, climb inside, close all the windows and scrub the carpet with lots of water...

Tuesday I returned to San Juan de Opoa at 6:00am (not a good hour for me) and caught a ride in the back of a pickup out to a little village called Los Pozos. From there, Aaron (the San Juan Peace Corps volunteer) and I trecked along a little path with a local teacher to another village salled Santa Helena. There we checked out their school, met up with a little guy who had recently returned from a trip with Aaron to Teguc. for cleft palat surgery. His house might have been built by Columbus (picture to thE right). We arranged for some teaching time for our medical team as well as checked out where they are going to build some wells that are being paid for through donations coming from the efforts of past medical volunteers on the West Coast. Aaron and I then walked back through the hot part of the day for 2 1/2 hours to get back to San Juan de Opoa. Neither of us died -- both of us wanted to. (Don't worry -- medical team -- we'll sacrifice the vehicles to drive in when you come.)

Wednesday morning I had the priviledge of spending a lot of time studying the book of Isaiah and writing some personal "stuff". In the afternoon I taught a little guy, Lobardo, how to enter stuff in my computer and gave him a task of entering all the school supplies from the invoices. It took him 3 days, but he triumphed. That afternoon we re-launched the art programs with the Casa de la Cultura, so once again we have organized programs at least 5 days a week with special events on Saturdays and sometimes Sundays.. I also spent some time at a class at the Catholic University. I am going to try to arrange a swap of time with our video projector for time with their bus to take the kids from our neighborhood to visit the Ruins in Copan (2 hours away).

Thursday was spent building a steel lock plate and casing for Drew (our Peace Corps volunteer), going to the internet to deal with emails and copying textbooks for kids in grade 5. Friday I spent the morning dealing with a local bank regarding a nearby house that is for rent. Fortunately I serve on a board with one of the bank's owners and received very 'personal' attention on the matter. The afternoon went with more work with Lobardo on the school supply list, plus a report for UNICEF on our costs for the basketball court. We also hosted a small group of students and a professor from the University of Maine. We arranged for a meeting on Saturday with some representatives (friends of mine) from the department of education. After they left, we launched a movie to re-introduce the new times for our Health Club. After that, 3 kids and I walked up the hill to the far side of the city for a youth service at the Good Samaritan church. Since my truck is in the shop, I was impressed that the kids still pushed to go. I offered to pay for a taxi to go and they decided it was better to walk (easy for them to say) and invest the taxi money in food. So we walked and after the service we bought chicken dinners from a litle old lady cooking on a street corner downtown. Dinner cost approx. $1.80 each -- $.60 of that for the pop. We sat on the curb and chowed down.

Saturday we hosted the meeting with the students from Maine and the education reps here at La Roca. The professor and the students are interested in the processes and conditions of rural education. So, Monday afternoon I am sending Alma to the governor's office to see if we can get a second vehicle to take the group out to a village near Copan Ruins (not sure why they had a particular interest in that area) on Wednesday. Sunday consisted of reading and washing my clothes (oh for my washer and dryer) in the morning and then sending some guys to the market to buy veggies for our stir-fry lunch. It turned into more of a stew on rice type of thing and we didn't get to eat until 3:00pm. But the guys were proud of their handiwork since they prepared all the veggies for the feast. After the feast I crashed on the couch in my office and then went over to visit a friend for the evening.

So there we are. We're alive and well (mostly).

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Prayer requests:

Prayer: Bayron -- this young guy is banned from La Roca. Can return when starts school or repays for all school supplies.
Praise: Some kids willing to sacrifice to go to church youth service.
Christian volunteers to help us achieve our ultimate goal of helping to make Christ real to people we're helping.
Prayer: Negotiating on house to rent for living accomodations for me and other volunteers / groups that come to Santa Rosa de Copan.