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NEWS - Year in Review

December 7, 2009
Santa Rosa de Copán, Honduras

Wow!! A year has gone by so quickly. I imagine part of the speed is due to all the changes and milestones that were accomplished this year. Still, we have a long ways to go and trust that you will hang in there with us as we continue the journey.

The biggest news of this year was definitely the first graduation of the Moses Project. This represents the culmination of 5 years of investment, 2 years of planning and 3 years of direct investment in the lives of rural youth in Western Honduras. We witnessed the incredible commitment and determination of 4 boys to reach the finish line -- truly just a start line to a new and improved phase of their life that now contains opportunity and hope. These four boys (Ayurin, Cristian, Leonardo and Luis) all adapted to living away from their families, new cooking, stricter discipline and a wide range of education that kept them at it from 8am to 10pm each weekday and often with work on weekends as well. Click on the picture of Phil and Luis above to check out a small pictoral review of the festivities.

So what else happened this year?

8 more boys obtained a full year of training in carpentry provided by the Western Honduran Arts & Trades School. 7 more boys learned how to weld. 11 more boys learned how to hook up electrical wiring in their house without burning it down.

20 boys obtained further training in improved agricultural techniques and how to develop economically profitable crops and products in the small plots of land that their families work.

19 more boys learned that some basic instruments can help ensure that your food products consistently turn out in sellable form rather than hit and miss. this picture shows Alex testing the sugar levels in blackberry jam using a refractometer donated by a friend from Canada.

We finished the construction of a beautiful greenhouse that current holds seedlings for noni, cedar, oak, chocolate trees and various vegetables.

We finished the construction of a new chicken coop that provides 4 different separate areas for feeder chickens in various stages of development and a larger area for the chickens that provide our eggs. The electrical training received by our boys enabled them to wire all the lights and switches required.

20 boys were provided another year of formal education (junir high) that is considered a right and obligation in Canada. Some were able to take part in seminars on marketing, product development, etc. provided by guest institutions and instructors.

During all of this, Joe kept a construction project chuggingalong that is shaping up to be a beautiful premanent residence for the boys on the new farm in El Carrizal. Joe is an American civil engineer who has been volunteering in Honduras for over 15 years in a variety of projects - but mostly focussed on a local orphanage for girls.

We are just putting the finishing touches on phase 1 of the construction, which will allow us to leave the rented facilities in town and move out to the farm over the Christmas break. We are just now initiating the first step of phase 2 in terms of erecting the walls and building the roof for the remainder of the second floor and we would love to continue through to completion. But that depends on you! This project is made possible by the small, medium and large donations that come from an extremely wide variety of sources. We have no government funding on this project (although the Alberta government contributed to operations in 2008) at this point and rely on your support to change this corner of the world. All (that's 100%) of your donation leaves Canada and goes to Honduras where it is invested in teachers, food, tools, cement and whatever else is needed to continue the work of developing tomorrows leaders for western rural Honduras.

We are always seeking monthly sponsors to help cover the daily costs of running the program. Plus, we're still looking to raise somewhere in the range of $90,000 to complete the construction of phase 2 as well as our quarterly $12,750 payments for the land (which drops to $5,700 in a year), so if you have any great ideas or are willing to share your blessings with these future leaders that we are raising up from rural Honduras, please contact us at Alternatively, check out our Fundraising Campaign or Donate pages to get involved. See the Donate page to find out how Alberta residents can get 50% of their donation back (or simply double up your donation...).

We always welcome your feedback, so feel free to contact me at