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December 30 , 2011
Cochrane, AB

Merry Christmas and a Fantastic New Year!

This update is very brief. Predominantly we want to introduce 3 participants from the Moses Project who were recently selected by Georgetown University to participate in a special program in Washington, D.C.

The Youth Ambassadors Program is funded by the U.S. Department of State (DOS) within the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) and is administered by the Center for Intercultural Education and Development (CIED) at Georgetown University, Washington, DC. This program has been designed for youth between 15 and 18 years of age, and for teachers and youth program coordinators who have shown superior leadership and entrepreneurship skills. (Details provided by the Georgetown University.)

Raul Lopez, the executive director of Aprocola, was selected as one of those "youth program coordinators" and we're proud of that. Even more so, we are proud that three boys from the Moses Project were among the fifteen selected in Honduras. That's a fantastic recognition by a prestigious institution of the quality of people involved in the Moses Project.

Congratulations to Edil Hernandez, Melvin Zavala and Yonny Contreras!!!

Edil and Raul are heading up to Washington, D.C. in mid Juanuary and Melvin and Yonny are on their way in June. The shock for Edil will be multiplied several times over if it were to snow while he is there. These boys are from small villages and have never seen an airplane closer than 35,000 feet over their head and now they get to participate with youth their age from all across Central America in a setting that will blow them away. Despite his education and experiene, even Raul will be encouraged by the experience of being selected to represent his country in an event at a prestigious international university.

This comes on the heels of last year's achievement by Cristian Henriquez - a 2009 grad from the Moses Project - who was selected by Oxfam International as one of two Hondurans to participate in the International Youth Congress hosted by India in 2010.

We appreciate your prayers and if you have any great ideas or are willing to share your blessings with these future leaders that we are raising up in rural Honduras, please contact us at Alternatively, check out our Fundraising Campaign or Donate pages to get involved. See the Donate page to find out how Alberta residents can get 50% of their donation back (or simply double up your donation...). Donations can be done online at the Donate page.