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January 28, 2012
Washington, USA

Stories from Washington

Three boys from the Moses Project were selected to participate in a leadership program developed by the US State Department and administered by the Georgetown University. In addition, Raul Lopez (our executive director for Project Moses and Aprocola) was also selected as one of the chaperons for the fifteen boys selected from Honduras. Following are stories sent to us by Edil and Raul.

This week has been very impressive. The first and most impacting event was getting on an airplane -- very exciting!

To visit the capital of the USA, Washington, also impressed me since it is something that I never imagined doing. An unforgettable experience has been to visit the State Department where they make so many important decisions according to what they tell us, even more so when they confirmed that we would get to meet someone so important like Hillary Clinton and to take our photo with her was a dream.

This first week here has given me some very useful teaching. The subjects about how I can also be a leader and learn by practice in simulations has helped me a lot. I feel more sure of myself and that which I can do to help my people. I hope I can accomplish it.

Ahhh and I can't believe that there will be 9 airplanes in 2 weeks... I'm very excited and nervous. I hope to learn a lot more, thanks to the Moses Project for enabling me to be part of this.


These three weeks here have been very enriching for me. I have discovered a lot that I can do in my work and the importance of preparation and meeting new people that can be very useful in my future work. I have been able to understand the enormous dimension of being a true leader and all that I can do to help the community even in small things.

I have seen how dreaming is so important for a young person, since this starts them on the route of success. We have seen here how dreams launched such successful undertakings that are not so different from what we can do in our country.

I have also learned that I have a lot to do in the Moses Project so that it truly converts into a successful project, that the youth that we have can really become successful through a change of mindset that pushes them to be better and not conform to always continuing the status quo. Making a difference is transcendental in our lives and we achieve this with attitude. I understand now that quality starts in the attitude of people.

In addition, this turns everything into a challenge, in believing in what we do and not being conformists. If I succeed in helping the youth believe this, I will have achieved a lot. I'm anxious for Melvin and Jonny to come and understand this change of mindset that comes with a trip like this -- marvelous. (note - Melvin & Jonny are 2 more boys from the Moses Project that are selected to participate in June, 2012)

Today I understood the viewpoint of Margaret (a volunteer from Spain). I believe it was her that would say that to change the world does not require launching grand schemes, but that the little things that we do can truly be of value. Real change in the communities starts with one's self.


This past week, Edil has been down in San Antonio, Texas, while Raul was sent with the other half of the group to Marquet, Michigan -- first time experiencing snow. We're excited by their opportunity to participate in this kind of experience and trust that they will return to the Moses Project to inject more enthusiasm and dreams into their companions.

Naturally, the State Department avoids the spiritual side of development, a lack that in our opinion potentially develops a dangerous kind of leader - a selfish leader. Our objective is not just producing leaders that can do big things, but leaders who can serve others just as Christ did.

(Details of Raul & Edil's opportunity can be found at the following link: Georgetown University.)

We appreciate your prayers and if you have any great ideas or are willing to share your blessings with these future leaders that we are raising up in rural Honduras, please contact us at Alternatively, check out our Fundraising Campaign or Donate pages to get involved. See the Donate page to find out how Alberta residents can get 50% of their donation back (or simply double up your donation...). Donations can be done online at the Donate page.