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March 31, 2014
Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

Letter from the President of 3CM

Having just returned from a 7 day trip to our Project Moses in Honduras I thought I would share a little bit of the timeline which this project has taken.

From the early beginnings in late 2006 till now, much has transpired. From selling our first 11 acre tract to purchasing the new farm on the North side of Santa Rosa, to starting construction, taking a number of groups to help put together an immense complex on one of the most beautiful tracts of land in the world, one wonders who is most amazed: the Honduran boys that benefit from the progrm or the people from North America who have diligently donated their time, funds and effort towards this cause.

As we met with the Bishop of the Santa Rosa Diocese this week to discuss the turnover of the main operations of the project in 2015/2016, we had a sense that this move was going to accomplish far more than we could ever hope or dream. With the backing of the Catholic Church, expansion into on-site schooling, on-site technical traning and religious education will all likely become a reality in the near future. We considered the implications of interaction with the boys that has become a major part of every trip, determining that it didn't need to change if we don't want it to. We are partnering with an organization that has close to a billion members with the heart and capacity to reach much further than we can. We still will support this project with finances and physical help.

We are looking forward to another trip the end of October for the graduation of another 10 boys, ready and able to take on the challenges of life with the education and realization of opportunities that they have been given. The confidence of all the boys surprises us every trip, showing how with such little instruction, they diligently work along with us gringo's, producing a quality building that will last not just for them, but for generations.

God bless you and thank you for your participation in this exciting project.

Yours truly,


President, Cross Cyultural Christian Missions Society

Note: This group of 5 volunteers painted the exterior of the residence as shown above.

We need your help to provide this opportunity to the boys that are already in the program -- to whom we have made the commitment seeing them through to completion.

Why is your support so essential? Each of the boys in this project carry their own story. Many have never had a bed before - especially one on which only THEY were expected to sleep. Many know what hunger really means. Most have experienced severe violence to some immediate family member if not to themselves. MOST IMPORTANTLY, most never thought life would change.

When these boys complete their time in the Moses Project, they leave with confidence, self respect and a lot of abilities. They know how to look you in the eye and say "Yes, I can do that. Select me."

What can you do to help? As always, this project survives and thrives on the support of extraordinary people like you. 3CM does not keep any of your donation to cover overheads in Canada. Here are some examples of how you can be a part of the solution in Honduras:

We appreciate your prayers, and if you have any great ideas or are willing to share your blessings with these future leaders that are rising up in rural Honduras, please contact us at Alternatively, check out our Donate page to get involved. Also see the Donate page to find out how Alberta residents can get 50% of their donation back (or simply double up your donation...).

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