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Mission :

Giving Leadership Opportunities to Rural Youth in Western Honduras .


Long term improvements in the standards of living in rural Western Honduras .

Primary: The Moses Project is designed to provide training to rural youths to enable them to become self-sufficient and to ultimately effect sustainable development in their communities, including safe water. Foreigners will never be as efficient at rural development as the residents themselves. Urban Honduran engineers and other skilled people are not available to work in these rural communities in the mountains. Unfortunately, the vast majority of rural residents do not have the knowledge or skills needed to lead and develop such basic, yet critical, functions in their communities. The Moses Project provides an opportunity for the rural communities to improve their situations.

Secondary: Similar to the process that occurred in Europe a few hundred years ago, there is a significant migration from rural communities to the cities. Most times, the people moving to the cities do not have employable skills and so their situation deteriorates rather than improves. Gangs are a significant problem in Honduras , and continue to grow because they provide identity and a source of income. The opportunities at home are dwindling; large families continue to increase the number of people who are trying to survive on the same amount of land as did their grandparents, and the types of economic activities in their communities are not growing.