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The Moses Project is designed to give hope to families in rural communities in Western Honduras. We select youth from the rural villages, provide an intensive 3 year training program and develop leaders who will intelligently drive the development process in their own communities. It is the basic concept: give a person a fish and they will eat that day, teach a person to fish and they will eat forever. The Moses Project focuses on rural Western Honduras because that is where we are already completed successful projects and where we will build on our experience and past successes. The name was selected to reflect our desire to replicate the original Moses Project in which a baby from the poorest segment of a society was adopted into the Pharaoh's family and developed the knowledge and leadership skills that later changed the history of Israel after 400 years of decline. Of course, we're working with teenage boys rather than starting at the baby stage...

Without hope, we have a society that refuses to try to improve their conditions. It develops apathy and acceptance that continues the cycle of poverty and disease. Education is not the only answer, but it is a big part of the solution.

For years, foreigners have been trying to fix the problems in Honduras by directing projects and development in various regions that are not sustainable over the long term. The results are often clinics without doctors, washed out bridges that nobody repairs, broken water lines that are left unattended, telephone poles with no electricity lines, etc. Frustration sets in when the people we are trying to help don't seem interested in adopting the improvements and looking after them.

For these reasons and more, we believe the key to sustainability in development is to train leaders -- those most likely to use their new knowledge to drive the process themselves. We have many engineers and trained people in urban Honduras that can manage these projects themselves. However, for various reasons similar to most of ours, they may not want or be able to trek back into the mountains and stay in a village without water, electricity or sanitation. With the Moses Project we give the people at risk the tools and incentives they need to improve their own situation.